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Wanting to rent out a self storage service, I decided to do some research on the top ones in the area and determine which one was best for me. Some of the common factors between the most dominant facilities were security, pricing, and availability. Now I you might be asking, Are not all storage facilities secure? Well no, some may give the impression that they are secure while all the while not fully securing their complete facility.

Be sure to check and make sure that there are cameras placed all about the storage facility. This will greatly help when if the time does come that your storage facility gets broken into, you have the evidence required to get your valuables back.

Another great feature some of the top storage Mississauga facilities are using is individual security systems for the units themselves, greatly increasing your security. This may or may not add to the cost, however if it does, it is well worth it. When you find a unit that offers all these amenities, rejoice! You should definitely keep this unit in mind, for it is sometimes difficult to find a storage facility capable of providing you all of those services.

Finding a great storage unit is only the first step. Once you have completed this step I would recommend searching for any available discounts or special offers. I know this is said for everything, but I just want to point this last step out because I have seen some great offers for self storage Mississauga. Most of the time you can find offers that include you first month for free. This may not be much but over time it adds up. After finding the right secure facility, for the best price, you can now check for the final factor; availability.